• Privacy Policy
    Handling of personal information at Raku Suisan.

  • If you use the website provided by Raku Suisan or make an online reservation, we may ask you to provide personal information when confirming the reservation.
    We respect your privacy and take great care to protect your personal information.

  • This is the case when your personal information is obtained.Raku Suisan may ask you for your personal information in the following cases. In any case, we ask that you provide it at your own will.

    1. ・Accommodation reservation on homepage
    2. ・Application for questions
    3. ・Registration for e-mail delivery service
    4. ・Request for special services and information
    5. ・Other
  • Raku Suisan may ask you for your name, address and postal code, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. in order to identify you and send you direct mail and contact you.
    In order to make use of the product in the future, users' age or birthday, gender, information about work or work place, information and product fields of interest, services used, hobbies. We may ask about your income.The above does not necessarily require you to answer all questions, but some services may not be available unless you answer certain questions. Personal information registered by users may be associated with information managed by the Company. For example, we may decide whether or not you are a new customer that needs to be registered against a customer list that we strictly manage.
    If you wish to delete your registration, you can always request it to Raku Suisan. However, if you cancel your registration, you may not be able to utilize some of the services provided.

  • The personal information we ask you about is used for the following purposes. If you wish to refuse use for a specific purpose, you can always ask us to do so.

    1. ・To deliver information and products ordered by users.
    2. ・For confirmation and guidance that are indispensable for providing the services that users have applied for.
    3. ・To report results to those who cooperated or participated in various surveys.
    4. ・To deliver notices that may be useful to users.
    5. ・To distribute e-mail distribution service mail.
    6. ・For other reasons when it becomes necessary to contact users.

    Raku Suisan will not use personal information for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was provided unless with the consent of the users. However, in order to improve the content of websites and e-mails so that users can be more satisfied, or to customize them for individual users. In addition, personal information may be used to show advertisements that individual users may be interested in.

  • Raku Suisan will not disclose registered personal information to a third party without your consent. However, we are obliged to provide the information as below:

    1. 1. Consent from the user to provide information.
    2. 2. Request made by local authority based on Local Ordinance and Law.
    3. 3. In case of life saving measures and safety procedures required even if we can’t obtain the consent from user.
  • Personal information is strictly managed

  • Raku Suisan takes strict security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of personal information under its control. Personal information is stored in a safe environment that is not accessible to general users.

  • Deletion of personal information

  • Raku Suisan will stop distributing information and providing services to users when requested by the users, and will delete personal information from the database if the registration is canceled. In addition, we request external companies and organizations that provide information about users to take similar measures promptly. Please contact the web administrator by e-mail regarding changes to registration related to e-mail delivery and other methods of deregistration.

  • The site of Raku Suisan contains links to external sites. We are not responsible for the protection of personal information on linked sites or the content of the sites.

  • Raku Suisan mainly uses the IP addresses of users recorded in the log for the following purposes. Individuals cannot be identified by IP address.
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    To track the movements of users' websites, to improve the content of websites and e-mails so that users can be more satisfied, or to customize them for individual users. In order to provide services, we will control users not to see the same advertisements over and over, or to show advertisements in areas they may be interested in. In order to do so, we may publish aggregated information that statistically processed the information obtained through the use of cookies. This does not include information that can identify individual users.
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  • [Scope of Application]

    • Article1 1

    • Contract for accommodation and related agreements to be entered into between this Hotel and the Guest to be accommodated shall be subject to these terms and conditions. And any particulars not provided herein shall be governed by laws and regulations and/or generally accepted practices.

    • 2

    • In the case when the Hotel has entered into a special contract with the Guest insofar as such special contract does not violate laws and regulations and generally accepted practices,the special contract shall take precedence over the provisions of these terms and conditions, notwithstanding the preceding Paragraph.

  • [Application for Accommodation Contracts]

    • Article2 1

    • A Guest who intends to make an application for an accommodation contract with the Hotel shall notify the Hotel of the following particulars.

    • (1) Name of the Guest(s);

    • (2) Date of accommodation and estimated time of arrival;

    • (3) Accommodation charges(based in principle on the Basic Accommodation Charges listed in the attached Table No.1):and

    • (4) Other particulars deemed necessary by the Hotel.

    • 2

    • In the case when the Guests request to extend their stay, during their stay, beyond the date in subparagraph (2) of the preceding paragraph,it shall be regarded as application for a new Accommodation Contract at the time such request is made.

    • 3

    • Guests are request to provode all information that the hotel feel relevant even after the contract is confirmed as stated above (1) (2) (3) (4)

  • [Conclusion of Accommodation Contracts,etc.]

    • Article3 1

    • A Contract for accommodation shall be deemed to have been concluded when the Hotel has duly accepted the application as stipulated in the preceding Articles.However,the same shall not apply when it has been proved that the Hotel has not accepted the application.

    • 2

    • When a Contract for Accommodation has been concluded in accordance with the provision of the preceding Paragraph,the Guest is requested to pay an accommodation deposit fixed by the Hotel within the limits of basic accommodation Charges covering the Guest's entire period of stay (3 days when the period of stay exceeds 3 days)by the date specified by the Hotel.

    • 3

    • The deposit shall be first used for the Total accommodation Charges to be paid by the Guest,then secondly for the cancellation charges under Article 16 and thirdly for the reparation under Article 18 if applicable,and the remainder,if any,shall be refunded at the time of the payment of the accommodation Charges as stated in Article 12.

    • 4

    • When the Guest has failed to pay the deposit by the date as stipulated in Paragraph 2 the Hotel shall treat the accommodation contract as invalid.However,the same shall apply only in the case when the Guest is thus informed by the Hotel when the period of payment of the deposit is specified.

  • [Special Contracts Requiring No Accommodation Deposit]

    • Article4 1

    • Not withstanding the provisions of Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article,the Hotel may enter into a special contract requiring no accommodation deposit after the contract has been concluded as stipulated in the same paragraph.

    • 2

    • In the case when the Hotel has not requested the payment of the deposit as stipulated in Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article and/or has not specified the date of the payment of deposit at the time the application for an accommodation contract has been accepted,it shall be treated as that the Hotel has accepted a special contract prescribed in the preceding Paragraph.

  • [Refusal of Accommodation Contracts]

    • Article5 1

    • The Hotel may not accept the conclusion of an Accommodation Contract under any of the following cases:

    • (1) When the application for accommodation does not conform with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions;

    • (2) When the Hotel is fully booked and no vacancy;

    • (3) When the Guest seeking accommodation is deemed liable to conduct himself in a manner that will contravene the laws or act against the public order or good morals in regard to his accommodation;

    • (4) When the Guest seeking accommodation can be clearly identified as carrying an infectious disease;

    • (5) When the Hotel and/or hotel staff are violently threatened or unreasonably burdened by the Guest;

    • (6) When the person requesting Hotel accommmodation is obviously intoxicated and could cause annoyance to other guests or when person is behaving in such a manner as to be an annoyance to other guets;

    • (7) When the provisions of Article 8 of HOKKAIDO Metropolitan ordinance are applicable.

    • (8) The person who applied for accommodation applied for the purpose of his / her own benefit, such as resale or mediation, for the reserved room.

    • (9) When a person who wants to stay has made a violent request, intimidating act, improper request or act in addition to assault or blackmail.

    • (10) When a person who wants to stay causesa nuisance to other guests or making other guests feel danger of his or her presence ans behavior.

    • (11) Any of the act mentioned under Article 5 of Accommodation Contracts

    • (12) When person who wants to stay is member of anti social group.

    • (13) When the person who wants to stay is a member of organized crime group, anti social group or any affiliates that are related to the group.

    • (14) When the person who wants to stay is a member of anti social group or organizwed crime group that threatens social order and safety.

  • [Right to Cancel Accommodation Contracts by the Guest]

    • Article6 1

    • The Guest is entitled to cancel the Accommodation Contract by notifying the Hotel.

    • 2

    • In the case when the Guest has cancelled the Accommodation Contract in whole or in part due to causes for which the Guest is liable(except in the case when the Hotel has requested the payment of the deposit during the specified period as prescribed in paragraph 2 of Article 3 and the Guest has cancelled before the payment),the Guest shall pay cancellation charges as listed in the attached Table No.2.However,in the case when a special contract as prescribed in Paragraph 1 of Article 4 has been concluded the same shall apply only when the Guest is informed of obligation of the payment of the cancellation charges in case of cancellation by the Guest.

    • 3

    • In the case when the Guest does not appear by 8p.m. of the accommodation date (2 hours after the expected time of arrival if the Hotel is notified of it)without an advice notice,the Hotel may regard the Accommodation Contract as being cancelled by the Guest.

  • [Right to Cancel Accommodation Contracts by the Hotel]

    • Article7 1

    • The Hotel may cancel the Accommodation Contract under any of the following cases:

    • (1) When the Guest is deemed liable to conduct and/or have conducted himself in a manner that will contravene the laws or act against the public order or good morals in regard to his accommodation ;

    • (2) When the Guest can be clearly detected as carrying an infections disease;

    • (3) When the Hotel and/or hotel staff are violently threatened or unreasonably burdened by the Guest;

    • (4) When the Hotel is unable to provide accommodation due to natural calamities and/or other causes of force majeure;

    • (5) When the provisions of Article 8 of HOKKAIDO Metropolitan Ordinance are applicable.

    • (6) When the Guest does not observe prohibited actions such as smoking in bed,mischief to the fire-fighting facilities and other prohibitions of the Use regulations stipulated by the Hotel(restricted to particulars deemed necessary in order to avoid causing fires).

    • (7) When applicable to the provisions of Article 8 of the Hokkaido Ryokan Business Law Enforcement Ordinance.

      1. (a) When it is recognized that the person who is staying is drunk or whose behavior is extremely abnormal and may cause trouble to other guests.
      2. (b) When the clothes or portable items of the person who intends to stay are extremely filthy, and a matter of hygiene concern of other guests.
    • 2

    • In the case when the Hotel has cancelled the Accommodation Contracts in accordance with the preceding paragraph,the Hotel shall not be entitled to charge the Guest for any of the services in the future during the contractual period which he has not received.

  • [Registration]

    • Article8 1

    • The Guest shall register the following particulars at the reception of the Hotel on the day of accommodation.

    • (1) Name,age,sex,address and occupation of the guests.

    • (2) Nationality,passport number,port and data of entry in Japan:

    • (3) Date and estimated time of departure; and

    • (4) Other particulars deemed necessary by Hotel.

    • (5) All Guests of foreign nationality who do not reside inwithin Japan will be asked to leave a photocopy of their passport with the reception;

    • 2

    • In the case when the Guest intends to pay his Accommodation charges prescribed in Article 12 by any means other than Japanese currency,such as traveler's checks,coupons or credit cards,these credentials shall be shown in advance at the time of the registration prescribed in the preceding paragraph.

  • [Occupancy Hours of Guest Rooms]

    • Article9 1

    • The Guest is entitled to occupy the contracted guest room of the Hotel from 2pm. to 11am. the next morning.However,in the case when the Guest is accommodated continuously,the Guest may occupy it all day long,except for the days of arrival and departure.

    • 2

    • The Hotel may,notwithstanding the provisions prescribed in the preceding Paragraph,permit the Guest to occupy the room beyond the time prescribed in the same Paragraph.
      In this case,extra charges shall be paid as follows.

    • (1) Up to 2 hours: (or 20% of the equivalent in the sum to the room charge)

    • (2) Up to 4 hours: (or 50% of the equivalent in the sum to the room charge)

    • (3) More than 4 hours:(or 100% of the equivalent in the sum to the room charge)

  • [Observance of Use Regulations]

    • Article10

    • The Guest shall observe the Use Regulations established by the Hotel,which are posted within the premises of the Hotel.

  • [Business Hours]

    • Article11 1

    • The business hours of the main facilities are as follows,and those other facilities,etc,shall be notified in detail by brochures notices,service directories in guest rooms and etc.

    • Facilities Business Hours
      Reception 24 hours
      Restaurants Breakfast 07:00AM to 09:30AM
      Dinner 05:30PM to 09:00PM

      Relaxation Room
      03:00PM to 11:00PM
      Latest by 09:00PM
      Gallery 08:00AM to 09:00PM
      Fitness Gym 05:00AM to 11:00PM
    • 2

    • The business hours specified in preceding paragraph are subject to temporary changes due to unavoidable causes of the Hotel.In such a case,the Guest shall be informed by appropriate means.

  • [Payment of Accommodation Charges]

    • Article12 1

    • The breakdown of the Accommodation Charges,etc.That the Guest shall pay is as listed in the attached Table No.1.

    • 2

    • Accommodation Charges,etc.as stated in the preceding paragraph shall be paid with Japanese currency or by any means other than Japanese currency such as traveler's checks,coupons or credit cards recognized by the Hotel at the reception at the time of the departure of the Guest or upon request by the Hotel.

    • 3

    • Accommodation charges shall be paid even if the Guest voluntarily does not utilize the accommodation facilities which have been provided for him by the Hotel

  • [Liabilities of the Hotel]

    • Article13 1

    • The Hotel shall compensate the Guest for the damage if the Hotel has caused such damage to the Guest in the fulfillment or the nonfulfillment or the Accommodation contract and/or related agreements.However,the same shall not apply in cases when such damage has been caused due to reasons for which the Hotel is not liable.

    • 2

    • The Hotel is covered by Hotel Liability Insurance to deal with unexpected fire and and/or other disasters.

  • [Handling When Unable to Provide Contracted Rooms]

    • Article14 1

    • The Hotel shall,when unable to provide contracted rooms,arrange accommodation of the same standard elsewhere for the Guest insofar as practicable with the consent of the Guest.

    • 2

    • When arrangement of other accommodation can not be made notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Paragraph,the Hotel shall pay the Guest a compensation fee equivalent to the cancellation charges and the compensation fee shall be applied to the reparations.However,when the Hotel cannot provide accommodation due to the causes for which the Hotel is not liable,the Hotel shall not compensate the Guest.

  • [Handling of Deposited Articles]

    • Article15 1

    • The Hotel shall compensate the Guest for the damage when loss,breakage or other damage is caused to the goods,cash or valuables deposited at the reception by the Guest,except in the case when this has occurred due to causes of force majeure.

    • 2

    • The Hotel shall compensate the Guest for the damage when loss,breakage or other damage is caused,through intention or negligence on the part of the Hotel,to the goods,cash or valuables which are brought into the premises of the Hotel by the Guest but are not deposited at the reception.

  • [Custody of Baggage and/or Belongings of Guest]

    • Article16 1

    • When the baggage of the Guest is brought into the Hotel before his arrival,the Hotel shall be liable to keep it only in the case when such a request has been accepted by the Hotel.The baggage shall be handed over to the Guest at the reception at the time of his check-in.

    • 2

    • When the baggage or belongings of the Guest is found left after his check-out,and the ownership of the article is confirmed,the Hotel shall inform the owner of the article left and ask for further instructions.When no instruction is given to the Hotel by the owner or when the ownership is not confirmed,the Hotel shall keep the article for 7 days including the day it is found,and after this period,the Hotel shall turn it over to the nearest police station.

    • 3

    • The Hotel's liability in regard to the custody of the Guest's baggage and belongings in the case of the preceding two paragraphs shall be assumed in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 1 of the preceding Article in the case of paragraph 1,and with the provisions of Paragraph 2 of the same article in the case of Paragraph 2.

  • [Liability in Regard to Parking]

    • Article 17

    • The Hotel shall not be liable for the custody of the vehicle of the Guest when the Guest utilizes the parking lot within the premises of the Hotel as it shall be regarded that the Hotel simply offers the space for parking,whether the key of the vehicle has been deposited with the Hotel or not.However,the Hotel shall compensate the damage caused through intention or negligence on the part of the Hotel in regard to the management of the parking lot.

  • [Liability of the Guest]

    • Article 18

    • The Guest shall compensate the Hotel for the damage caused through intention or negligence on the part of the Guest.

  • [Governing Language]

    • Article 19

    • These terms are provided in both Japanese and English. In case of a discrepency between Japanese and English, the Japanese version will take precedence.

  • [Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws]

    • Article 20

    • Litigation arising from the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contract will be resolved in the courts and jurisdiction of the Hotel and in accordance with Japanese Law.

    • Attached Table No.1 Calculation method for Accommodation Charges
      (Ref.Paragraph 1 of Article 2 and Paragraph 1 of Article 12)

      Accommodation Charges (1) Basic Accommodation Charge <Room Charge+Breakfast&Dinner>
      Service Charge<(1)×10%>
      Extra Charges (2) Extra Meals&Drinks<Other than Breakfast&Dinner>and Other Expenses>
      Service Charge<(3)×10%>
      Taxes a.Consumption Tax, Accomodation Tax and Bath Tax

      *Total Amount to be paid by the Guest
      Remarks of Attached Table Remarks

    • Attached Table No. 2 Cancellation Charge for Hotel(Ref.Paragraph 2 of Article 6)

      Cancellation Date No Show Check in Day 1 day prior to arrival 2days ~ 10days prior to arrival 11days ~ 30days prior to arrival
      Individual 3 rooms and less 100% 100% 100% 50%
      Group 3 rooms and more 100% 100% 100% 50% 30%

      1. The percentages signify the rate of cancellation charge to the basic Accommodation Charge and 10% Service Charge.
      2. In term of cutting short numbers of stay, 1 night room charges will be suject to cancellation fee

  • In order to ensure that all guests have a safe and comfortable stay, please follow the rules below as stipulated in Article 10 of the Accommodation Agreement. If you do not observe these rules, you may be required to cancel the accommodation contract and related contracts in accordance with Article 7 of the accommodation agreement.

    • 1

    • Smoking is not permitted in all areas except the smoking booth located near the lobby area.

    • 2

    • Please do not use fire for heating and cooking in the hotel.

    • 3

    • The storage period for lost and found items will be 30 days, and items will be disposed of after the that period. Items such as cash, securities and precious metals will be handled in accordance with local laws and regulations.

    • 4

    • Services such as shopping, ticket, taxi, postage stamp, and baggage delivery charges will not be paid out in advance on behalf of the guest by Hotel.

    • 5

    • Please note that deposits may be required upon arrival.

    • 6

    • Please present your room key if you wish to charge miscellaneous charges to your room bill.

    • 7

    • Please note that you may be asked to settle payment during your stay prior to check out.

    • 8

    • Payment must be made at the rception by cash or credit card.

    • 9

    • In addition to the prescribed tax, 10% of the total amount will be added as service charge.

    • 10

    • Please contact the front desk in advance if you wish to extend your stay. In the case of extension, please make advance payment.

    • 11

    • Please do not bring the following items into the hotel.

      1. a Animal Pets
        With regards to the above, guide dogs and service dogs as stipulated in the Assisted Dog Act for Persons with Disabilities are allowed. However, with the assistance of a guide dog which causes significant damage to the hotel facilities, such companion may be refused.
      2. b Goods that produce strong odor
      3. c Remarkably large quantity of goods
      4. d Explosives and oils that are easy to ignite
      5. e Gun / Sword
      6. f Items that threaten the safety of other customers
    • 12

    • Please do not bring outdoor equipment such as skis, snowboards, boots, and wet ski wear into the room. Please use the locker room.

    • 13

    • Please refrain from using the ski boots, snowboard boots and footwear with spikes in the hotel.

    • 14

    • Please do not change the layout, such as moving the facilities and goods in the hotel to other locations without consulting the hotel.

    • 15

    • If the building, furniture, fixtures or other items are damaged, lost or soiled for reasons other than force majeure, you may required to pay compensation.

    • 16

    • Please do not use the rooms for any purpose other than accommodation without hotel's permission.

    • 17

    • Do not enter or force access to any place other than the hotel's business facilities area without permission.

    • 18

    • Please refrain from consuming food and drink from outside in public area or restauramts area. Food delivery service is not permitted.

    • 19

    • Please do not distribute advertisements, post or sell goods without permission from the hotel.

    • 20

    • Please do not leave your belongings unattended in places such as hallways and lobby

    • 21

    • Please do not display anything on the window that would damage the images of the hotel.

    • 22

    • Please do not invite visitors to the guest room.

    • 23

    • We do not allow minors to stay without permission from their parents.

    • 24

    • Please note that photos taken in the hotel without permission for business purposes may subject to legal measures.

    • 25

    • Please refrain from wearing nightwear, pajamas slippers in public areas such as restaurants and lobby.

    • 26

    • If there is evidence of smoking (including electronic cigarettes) (including cigarette odor) in the guest room / bathroom, 30,000 yen will be charged as a cleaning fee.

    • 27

    • If you fail to adhere any of the following clauses, we will refuse the use of hotel immediately in accordance with Articles 5-3 and 7 and Articles 1 and 2 and 6 of the Accommodation Agreement.

      1. (1) When the guest is an anti-social group or an anti-social group member (a gang or a radical action group and its members).
      2. (2) When violence, intimidation, extortion, intimidating unfair demand and similar acts are recognized.
      3. (3) When there is a risk of danger, fear or anxiety toother customers due to drug abuse.
      4. (4) Whenthe guest caused disgust or annoyance to others due to loud voices, singing and noisy behaviors in public areas and guest rooms.
      5. (5) When gambling or other acts that are contrary to laws, public order and morals in public areas or guest room.
      6. (6) When there are other circumstances similar to the above.
    • 28

    • When the guest violated public orders and good manners or related to anti-social forces or gangs.

    • 29

    • All disputes arising out of these rules shall be resolved in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations in the Japanese court having jurisdiction over the location of the hotel.

  • Food allergies・vegetarian・vegan・gluten-free policy

    1. ・For food allergy, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free menu 3 days advance notice is required for preparation. All efforts are taken to ensure your meals are fully cater to your satisfaction based on the availability of ingredients.
    2. ・All food is prepared in the same kitchen as other menu, there is a possibility that allergens will be mixed in the cooking process, therefore the dish is not a complete allergen free menu.
    3. ・Extra charge may be incurred if menu is not of regular dish and number of dishes may varied with the original menu.
    4. ・The safety of our customer is our first priority. Therefore, we may refuse to serve food and/or beverages to customers who request complete removal of allergens.
    5. ・All special request should be notified upon reservation on remarks page or via telephone.
    6. ・Please be aware of the above and judgement from guest is required for special menu arrangement.