• よくある質問FAQよくある質問

    • Q 1 What are the check-in and check-out time?
      • A 1 Check-in from 2:00 pm, and check-out at 11:00 am.
    • Q 2 Do you accept stays for only one person?
      • A 2 Yes, you can stay with us even if you are alone. This may vary depending on the date, so please check the reservation screen.
    • Q 3 Is there an age limit for accommodations?
      • A 3 No, there is no age limit.
    • Q 4 Tell me more about your Chef's Choice course.
      • A 4 We do not have a fixed menu for the food we serve. Our dishes change daily depending on the seasons. The menu is made from a combination of the best ingredients handpicked by our chefs during that day. We will explain more at check-in. Please look forward to what we will be serving during your stay.
    • Q 5 Is it possible to make a restaurant reservation in advance for consecutive-night stays?
      • A 5 Upon your arrival, we will be asking you about your meals' preferences during your stay.
    • Q 6 Do you respond to special requests, such as those involving food allergies?
      • A 6 For food allergies and vegetarian/vegan menus, we will do our best to respond to requests made 7 days prior to your stay. Please see the Allergy Policy for more details.
    • Q 7 Can non staying guests enter the hotel or dine at the restaurant?
      • A 7 Non staying guests may meet hotel guests at the lobby area, lounge area. Non staying guests may also dine at the restaurant if accompanied by hotel guest ( reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance). Please refrain from entering the guest rooms and other facilities if you are not a hotel guest.
    • Q 8 Do you have a public bath?
      • A 8 We do not have a public bath, but all the rooms have their own relaxing bath with water flowing directly from our hot springs.
    • Q 9 Can I bring my pets during my stay?
      • A 9 Pets are not allowed in the hotel, except for service and guide dogs.
    • Q 10 What are my payment options?
      • A 10 All reservations must be made with full payment in advance. Please confirm your payment options from the reservation screen.
    • Q 11 Are there any cancellation fees?
      • A 11 Please see the policy as well as the applicable laws for details. → Please check the terms and conditions for details.
    • Q 12 Do you have a parking area?
      • A 12 Yes, our parking area has 17 parking spaces available, with six of these having roofs.
    • Q 13 Do you have a pickup/drop-off service from/to the airport or hotel?
      • A 13 [Train] Our pickup/drop-off service at the nearest station to Raku Suisan - JR Kutchan Station needs booking. (Free of charge. 7 days advance booking)
        [Airplane] We can arrange a vehicle and driver for you if you are arriving from the New Chitose Airport. (Additional Charge. 7 days advance booking)
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